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Air travel trends 2022 – deeper engagement with passengers

As flights pick up after the global grounding for much of the past 18 months, it should be no surprise that airlines and their passenger experience partners are making adjustments to meet changing consumer sensibilities. The accelerated digitalisation that helped airlines to support their passengers during the pandemic is showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, it promises to further enhance connections between airlines and their passengers over the comings years.

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Discarded fruit and vegetables thrown out for composting

Consuming data – how AI can help airlines reduce food waste

Arguably, the single greatest burden to our planet is food production, food handling and waste management. The airline industry, as a people business, necessarily shares this burden. And if the climate crisis is not enough motivation to tackle inefficiencies in the system, the business implications surely are. The forward-thinking airlines are turning to innovative tech tools that harness artificial intelligence and data analytics for solutions.

The environmental case for tackling food waste is increasingly hard to ignore. Unconsumed food, included losses at pre-consumer levels, is associated with some 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions according to United Nations calculations.

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